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What is Employee Pro?

Employee Pro is a complete programme designed to assess employability working behaviours and will guide individual development for people of all ages how to manage their development and career aspirations in the 21st century irrespective of their job role now and in the future. The programme focuses on key qualities which describe employability working behaviours. Our research, with circa 500 employers, showed that, with Mental Toughness, these are the core behavioural areas which are associated with performance and wellbeing. These are the areas that are the quickest to transition into new and different roles. From an employee perspective, the programme identifies the attributes they should develop, which in turn, will prepare them for the world of work and enhance their employment aspirations. The employability skill set is easily very transferable from job to job within your organisation. From the employers perspective, Employability Development assesses those attributes which produce “good attitudes and behaviours”.

What is Assessed?

The programme assesses and measures the aspects of personality based behaviour, clustered around 3 themes. The abilities section can be separated from the personality based attributes to deliver more accurate results


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