Prevue Assessment

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What is the Prevue Assessment?

The Prevue Assessment is a high quality comprehensive psychometric measure which assesses:

Widely accepted as key qualities for a good fit for most jobs, widely used for recruitment and selection, talent management, succession planning, career guidance and in general assessment work.

What does the Prevue Assessment measure?

It measures Abilities, Interests and Personality in one straightforward measure which takes about an hour to complete if handled in one sitting.


Verbal, Numerical and Spatial Abilities – combining these to produce a General abilities scale

Motivation & Interest

The extent to which the individual is interested in working with people, data and with things



Twelve scales around four core themes (from the “big 5” model) – Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Stability. (The subscales measure co-operativeness, assertiveness, innovation, organisation, group orientation, outgoingness, poise and excitability.)

Social Diversity

The extent to which the individual presents a favourable picture of themselves.


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