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Staff wellbeing in this day of age falls into a variety of key areas across your HR department, from how staff are managing stress and the pressures of work and life, to supporting your staff and providing additional services to always make sure your staff feel supported.

Staff wellbeing is about being comfortable within your own skin - a positive mindset and behaviour can help you to:

  • feel confident in yourself –  accept yourself and judge yourself on realistic and reasonable standards

  • feel and express a range of emotions

  • feel engaged with the world around you

  • build and maintain positive relationships with other people

  • live and work productively

  • Cope with the stresses of daily life and deal with change and uncertainty.

The research and insight our partner AQR have gathered supports and shows that an individual’s mental toughness impacts upon their wellbeing in the workplace and in their personal life. Someone with higher mental toughness is more content and better able to manage stress when it does occur. They are more willing to participate, sleep better and are less likely to develop mental health issues.

4Staff Development and AQR have brought together a unique package of assessments, interventions and programmes to enable the development of mental toughness in your staff.  We know our flexible approach along with with the experience of our staff and our partners that a positive mindset and our impact on wellbeing will. positively impact your internal staff support and development strategy. 


Our approach is not on the process of your staff development but a focus on getting people to change their thinking, beliefs and behaviour and provide learning tools and techniques to maintain that positive mindset in the workplace.

Related Products & Services


Using the MTQ assessment, we provide you with the tools to measure not profile your staff and to understand whom and what areas of your organisation need the support to achieve. as indivudials and as an organisation


Creating self reflection is at the heart of all good learning and development strategies and our offering provides your HR department with the professional service to support your staff in understanding the reports generated from the MTQ assessment 


On-going development should be continuous and your learning and development can call upon our range of CPD events to support in a variety of areas including wellbeing, soft skills and general mental toughness.  


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