Team Plus

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What is Team + ?

Team + is an inventory based on 5 elements recognised as key attributes in high performing teams. Each of these attributes has 2 sub-scales. The purpose of the inventory is to enable team members to quickly and reliably identify important strengths and weaknesses in the way their team operates . This allows team members to focus on interventions and remedies which either consolidate strengths and/or attend to weaknesses.

How does it work?

The core questionnaire has 50 relevant items. 5 for each subscale. Each item represents a different facet of that subscale. The online questionnaire is issued to all team members who complete using a 1-5 response scale . When complete the software platform calculates average scores for:

The inventory is positioned against a global norm, created from analysis of teams completing the measure over the past 5 years. Consequently the reports also show sten scores (1-10 scale ) which allow benchmarking of the team performance and team behaviours.


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