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The holistic and humanistic approach that puts people at the heart of the process


 4Staff can assist in understanding the philosophy of your organisational development. This is done again in conjunction with understanding the people at the heart of your business. and using the Mental Toughness suite to underpin how this helps your business.



Team Building

The Mental Toughness Framework and the questionnaire enable users to gain valuable insight into the mindset of individuals before development activity begins. The most significant applications include:

Assessment of Individuals before a program begins Not all attendees at a training/development program or in a coaching program enter the program with a mindset that enables them to optimise that activity. At the extreme, some individuals may even wish to avoid the activity.

If the individual isn’t open to learning then they are likely to minimise their engagement with learning and are therefore unlikely to gain much from the investment and are unlikely to apply what they have been shown.

The reason for this can often be found in mindset and in particular the 8 factors. Different factors will apply to each individual.

Being able to assess this prior to an event is extremely valuable. Most concerns and issues can be addressed before a program which can improve significantly its success rate. Individuals often find this valuable too. Enabling them to welcome training and not fear it can be very motivating.

Examples of what the Mental Toughness Framework can mean for an individual’s mindset can include (using the above framework):

Those with a negative mindset will think the opposite

Incorporation into Programs The Concept has a great deal of value as a component of many Development Programs. Particularly those described as “soft skills” programs. These include:

  • Coaching – Understanding mindset lies at the heart of coaching and mentoring

  • Resilience/Mental Toughness Development and Stress Management –

  • Leadership Development – Resilience and positivity are key requirements in leadership

  • Team Building – understanding how Mentally Tough and mentally Sensitive Individuals can work together

  • Presentation Skills – overcoming the fear of presenting

  • Managing Change – dealing with the fear of the unknown/change.

Using the MTQ assessment, we provide you with the tools to measure not profile your staff and to understand whom and what areas of your organisation need the support to achieve. as individuals and as an organisation

Leadership research shows that there are three core competencies which are crucial for leadership effectiveness. Leadership Pro was developed to assess these three qualities and more.


Our one to one support offering for your team to gain an independent view and understanding of their insight reports and how this can be a positive towards their development goals. 


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